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Awards and support for young people

The Fleurieu Community Foundation is offering financial assistance for young people to undertake education or training in 2019. Closing date for nominations is 30 November 2018
Florence Wilckens Award – supports senior school students to further their studies in the performing arts, music or dance. It is expected that one award will be offered for an amount of up to $500.
Wally Bradley Award - supports young people aged 16 – 19 years who may be experiencing difficulty in continuing their studies due to hardship or disadvantage. It is expected that one or more awards will be offered for an amount of up to $1,000.

Wally Bradley Award Guidelines

Disability and Community Inclusion Grant Program - People living with a disability – support to undertake post-secondary education or training. It is expected that two grants of up to $500 will be available. Support is also offered for people working in the disability sector to further their professional development. It is expected that two grants of up to $500 will be available.

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FCF Community Matched Funding Program

The Fleurieu Community Foundation (FCF) has recently announced a new and exciting program to support our local community.

For the Community Matched Funding Program the FCF will double the fundraising efforts of community groups for local projects. For approved projects the FCF will match $ for $ money raised through community fundraising.  Matched funding would normally be a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1,000.

Approved projects will need to be for charitable purposes in the Fleurieu region with a focus on community health and wellbeing, community development, education, environmental and cultural projects.

The Expressions of interest form is available to download through the following link - 

FCF Community Matched Funding Program


FCF Community Wellbeing Grants

The Community Wellbeing Grant is a broad based grant offered to community organisations to support community health, development, education or wellbeing. The grant  now has four streams - disability, mental health and youth leadership as well as homelessness.
The grant is open twice yearly and this is the second round for 2018.
You can download the Guidelines and Application seperately through the following links -

FCF Half Yearly Report

Although all of our recent Annual reports are available from our website they are often very businesslike documents prepared specfically for use at an Annual General Meeting. Therefore the Board has recently prepared a half yearly report to provide anyone with up to date information on what the Foundation has been doing and where they might move in the future.

This document is available through the following link -

FCF Half Yearly Report - August 2018

We hope to update this document and make it available twice yearly. So please keep an eye out for future reports.