Grant Making

The Fleurieu Community Foundation is working hard to raise funds and resources to build a substantial public fund with the intention of making grants for the long-term benefit of the community and its members.

The Foundation will achieve its mission and objectives through its grant-making program and is committed to the development of effective, community based philanthropy in the Fleurieu. 

The current grants and awards offered by the Fleurieu Community Foundation include -

Homelessness Fund - provides an annual financial subsidy under a funding agreement to an organisation that addresses homelessness locally on the Fleurieu.

Back to School - $50 vouchers distributed in term 1 of every year through the local school network to families and children who are undergoing financial hardship and are unable to meet the costs of new stationary, uniforms or other expenses.

Stay in Sport - $50 contributions paid to a sporting club or organisation to support a young person staying involved and engaged in community through participation in sport. Grants distributed twice yearly

Youth Arts Partnership - $50 contributions paid to the provider of an arts program to support a young person remaining involved in community through participation in an arts program. Grants distributed as required (monthly).

Building Community Wellbeing - a broad based grant offered to community organisations to support community health, development, education or wellbeing. The grant currently has three streams - disability, mental health and youth leadership. The grant is open twice yearly.

Wally Bradley Award - is supported by the Rotary Club of Encounter Bay and is awarded annually to a young person from the Victor Harbor area with their post secondary study costs.

Florence Wilckens Award - following a bequest from the family of Florence Wilckens this annual award supports a young person from the Fleurieu pursuing post secondary study in the Arts.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) endorses the Fleurieu Community Foundation as a Tax Concession Charity (TCC) therefore projects which receive funding need to be charitable and have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Assist those who lack the resources to obtain what is necessary for a modest standard of living in the Australian community

  • Advance of education

  • Have other purposes beneficial to the community such as

o    Public works and community facilities;

o    Promotion of industry,

o    Commerce and agriculture;

o    Defence and public order;

o    Improvement and protection of the environment;

o    Moral improvement

  • Have a public benefit rather than a private benefit

  • Relieve poverty, sickness or distress.

 For further information or to discuss your idea for a project, please contact Brad on 8552 2411 or email