Support the Foundation

Supporting the Fleurieu Community Foundation either financially or non-financially is an investment in the future of the Fleurieu and will help to create self-reliant, confident, strong and connected communities.

The Fleurieu Community Foundation manages a number of structured grants that are released throughout the year. You can donate direct to these grants with a financial contribution or bequest. You could also support the Foundation by becoming a member of our 100 Club. Alternatively you can contribute in a number of other non-financial ways.

No matter what amount is donated, your donation will have a positive impact that will be of ongoing benefit to your community. All donations are welcome.
Donors can contribute to the Fleurieu Community Foundation in a number of ways:

Directly via the website - click on "Donate now" button below:

Donors may also choose from the following gift options:

  • Tax deductible gift to the Public Fund

  • Non tax-deductible gift to the Open Fund

  • Named Donation or Donor Preference sub fund

  • Bequest

  • 100 Club

  • Workplace giving

  • Flow through Grant Partner

  • Sponsorship